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Gold Coast Junior Rugby League Life Members 1980 - present

1981 - Wally Green 2000 - Mick Martin 2010 - Allan Wyper
1984 - Don Dick 2001 - Steve Pollock 2011 - Dan Moran
1986 - Shirley Dick 2002 - Wayne Scott 2012 - Karen Baylis
1987 - Keith Core 2003 - Bob Bevedge 2012 - David Fracis
1990 - Carol Willet 2004 - Megan Anderson 2012 - Keith Gee
1991 - Gail Bichel 2005 - Tom Marzella 2013 - Gavin Judd
1991 - Maxine O'Shea 2006 - Peter Daley 2014 - Wayne Court
1992 - Karl Mokahar 2006 - Glenn Bennett  
1992 - John Sheldon 2006 - Peter McGrath  
1997 - Gloria Etherington 2007 - Wanda Whitley  
1997 - Graham Tonkin 2007 - Daryl Anderson  
1998 - Bob Cronk 2008 - Carol Diamond  
1998 - Yvonne Siganto 2009 - Leslee Rankin  
1999 - Artur Seers 2009 - Ross Anderson  
1999 - Lance Royston    

Lionel Kellett - 1980

Lionel Kellett first became involved with Junior Rugby League on the Gold Coast in 1972 when his three sons started playing with Southport Tigers. He became Treasurer the same year, holding that position for three years. He was also involved with managing and coaching teams for four years winning three premierships. The first three years, Tigers were playing in the Tweed Group 18 Competition on the Gold Coast of which the Club was dominant. They were asked by the Group 18 to form their own competition on the Gold Coast. However, in 1975/76 they played in the BRL Competition. In 1976, Lionel and a few of the other fathers got together with the late Peter (Pedro) Gallagher and formed the Brothers Gold Coast Club of which Lionel was appointed President, the position he held for five years. In 1976, Lionel coached the Brothers Under 12 team to an undefeated premiership. In 1977, the Coast Clubs withdrew from the BRL and formed the Gold Coast Junior Rugby League. This move was made possible with the involvement of the late Ray Parfitt who was appointed President, David Newcombe Secretary and Lionel the Treasurer. The following year Lionel was appointed President which he held for a number of years. Lionel was awarded the first Life Membership of the Brothers Club and also the Gold Coast Junior Rugby League. After 35 years, Lionel still takes an interest in Junior Rugby League where he can be seen at numerous games each season. 

Bob Cronk - 1998

Bob commenced his career with Junior Rugby League as a proud Dad on the sideline watching a son enjoy the game of Rugby League.  Not content with this, he soon became involved in the day to day running of the Burleigh Heads Junior Rugby League Club and helping the many people who passed through the Club to get the same enjoyment from the game that he did. Soon his feet were itchy to move on and he became Chairman of the Gold Coast District Junior Rugby League in 1991.  He excelled in this role until the end of the season in 1996.  From here his progression was to the Southern Division Junior Council and Southern Division Board Member.  Now he contributes to the ARL Development Council and various sub-groups aimed at progressing the game. A truly dedicated and worthy recipient of Life Membership of the Gold Coast District Junior Rugby League.

Wayne Scott - 2002

Wayne, a member of both the Senior and Junior Referee's Association, began refereeing on the Gold Coast in 1983.

Tirelessly, he turns up every weekend (Friday night, Saturday and Sunday) to ref the games or assist by carrying out the duties of Touch Judge.  He has also been instrumental in mentoring the Junior Referees as they begin their careers.

Another of the tireless tasks he has performed is to be Delegate for the Junior Referees Association to the Gold Coast Junior Rugby League.  This position he took up approximately 10 years ago.

Tom Marzella - 2005

1991 saw the Marzella Family's involvement with Junior Rugby League on the Gold Coast at the Burleigh Heads Junior Rugby League Club.  Tom became heavily involved at the Club from the start and hence spent 16 years on the Burleigh Executive before moving on to Operations Manager of the Gold Coast Rugby League. Not one to be tied down or not to be leading the way when it comes to Rugby League, Tom spent 7 years as Chairman, 2 years as Vice President and 2 years as Treasurer before handing over the ropes to a new Executive.  One of his main attributes is his ability to look to the future and see what the future needs will be for his Club.  Hence, Burleigh always seemed to have plenty of trained and willing people to fill Committee positions and take over the ropes as people retired and new Volunteers came on board. His involvement was not only with the Club but also with the Representative Selection on the Coast, a role he performed for 7 years.  Another cap he managed to wear was one of being a Panel Member on the Coast's Judiciary Panel.   

Peter Mcgrath - 2006

In 1990, Peter joined the Runaway Bay Junior Rugby League Club and immediately put his hand up for a Committee position.  He is a natural leader, an idea’s man, so it was not long before he was identified as "foreman material".  Thus followed a quick transition from Committee Member to President of the Runaway Bay Juniors.  Peter's passion for his Club progressed to him being elected as a Director of the Licensed Leagues Club in 1993.  Again, during a period of change and challenges that saw Runaway Bay and other small Clubs struggling. Peter took over the reins of Board Chairman and made drastic decisions steering it to rise above the problems. By 2000, with an amazing portfolio of dedication to Junior Rugby League, Peter became a Life Member of Runaway Bay Juniors.  Fortunately, Peter had the amazing support and love of his wife, Judy, and family who were also involved with the Club.

Peter established a Junior Club Mission Statement - "that a Club becomes a place for young people and families to enjoy the sport of Rugby League in a safe and friendly environment. The overall picture of Junior Rugby League on the Gold Coast has always been foremost in his mind, and so it was to be the worst kept secret that he would eventually be elected as the Chairman of the Gold Coast District Junior Rugby League in 2003. Over these sixteen years, Peter has become a local legend in Rugby League circles. A promoter of Junior football, a fantastic friend and mentor to Clubs, Committees and Coaches while never refusing to listen and offer advice. Congratulations on your Life Membership and all the best.

Peter Daley - 2006

In 1999, Peter started up a Touch Football Competition for the Off-Season and this competition has gone ahead in leaps and bounds ever since. In 2005, Peter put his hand up and became the Chairman of the Currumbin Tugun Club.  The 2006 Season saw Peter back coaching again and his Under 15 Team were victorious in bringing home the ARL Foundation Shield to the Gold Coast once again. Besides his involvement at Club level, Peter has also been involved with the Representative Football both on the Gold Coast, Southern Division NSD QRL.  In 2005, he put on an extra cap and became a State Selector for the U17 - U19 Teams.  This year saw him named as the Chairman of Selectors for the U17 QLD Sides. Peter has also helped the Southern Division Coaching Development Officer in lecturing and helping at the various Development courses and speaking at the various Level 1 and 2 Coaching Courses. Peter's achievements are testament to a person worthy of being offered Life Membership to the Gold Coast District Junior Rugby League.

Wanda Whitley - 2007

2007 saw Wanda receive Life Membership of the Gold Coast District Junior Rugby League for her involvement with our sport over the last 17 years. The Helensvale Hornets Junior Rugby League Club was where Wanda first began her involvement with Junior Rugby League when her son started playing at the age of 7 years.  A new sport and a new Club drew her into the family of Junior Rugby League.  During her stay at the Hornets, she fulfilled the roles of Team Manager, Committee Member and Secretary, a role she carried out from 1996 to 2001.  During the time Wanda was Secretary; the Hornets finally found their own home grounds and built the Clubhouse to give the Hornets their own identity.

In 2002, Wanda stepped up and took on the role of the Gold Coast District Junior Rugby League Registrar, a role she still enjoys today.  During her time in this role, she has seen registrations grow from just under 2,000 players to 4,100 in 2007 - a lot of paperwork to be processed and finalised and her administrative skills were surely tested. As well as this role, in 2003/2004 Wanda undertook the task of doing the draw for the Gold Coast Juniors.  This role alone was very time consuming and frustrating in order to get the 200 odd teams on the grounds every weekend playing football. During her time at the District, Wanda has spent many hours helping Committees at the various Clubs in the day-to-day running of their Clubs and lending a helping hand in the administrative field whenever necessary. Congratulations Wanda on your Life Membership and all the best for your future endeavours.

Darryl Anderson - 2007

One of our newest recipients of Life Membership, Darryl comes from a background of Refereeing on the Coast. 2008 sees Darry retiring from refereeing on the field but he will still be seen around the fields mentoring and helping out with all of the Junior Referees as they start out on their careers of refereeing. Darryl started his refereeing career on the Coast mid season in 1990.  In 1993 he became Honouary Treasurer for the Association, a role he continued to fulfill until 2001 and again returned to in 2004.  He became Vice President for the Association in 2005 and continued until 2007, and still continued on refereeing each Friday night , Saturday and Sunday in order that the youth of the Coast were given every opportunity to participate in the sport of Junior Rugby League.

His resume of Refereeing achievements is vast.  Some of his achievements for Representative Refereeing are 1999 Gold Coast vs Northern Rivers, 2000 National Schoolboys, 2001 Gold mCoast vs Ipswich (Amateur League).  He has also offiiciated at the Gold Coast District Juniors Finals in 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001.  He has also refereed at the Gold Coast District Rugby League Finals in  2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007. Darryl has also been responsible for sponsoring both the Referees Association and the Best And Fairest Awards for the Under 17's in the Gold Coast Juniors competition.

Congratulations on your achievements and your Life Membership Darryl.  It is said that a "Superstar" is retiring but not really.  The boots may be hanging on the wall but I am sure that Darryl will still be seen around the grounds giving the new and old talent in the Referees a helping hand and a few friendly words of advice and help.

Karen Baylis - 2012

2012 saw Karin Baylis receive Life Membership of the Gold Coast District Junior Rugby League for her involvement with our sport over the last 8 years. Karen first stepped into the football arena in 2004 as Currumbin’s secretary taking out Executive of the year for that season. Karen’s friendly nature and love of Junior Rugby League was the driving force behind the progress of the Currumbin Eagle Junior body. In 2006 Karen was elected to District treasurer in which she served for 6 years, taking on the accounts for the District. Karen is always full of enthusiasm and very committed to Rugby League on the Gold Coast her bubbly approach to life and her endless service to our game is something that is worth of life membership. Karen’s focus is to assist the Gold Coast Referee’s Association in future. 

Wayne Court - 2014

Wayne has been involved with Helensvale Hornets for several years, starting off as a coach, and is not the current  Club President.  He is strongly supported by his wife Marnie, and their children, who are also greatly involved in the club. Under his leadership the club has grown in numbers, has built a strong relationship with the local community & council bodies, and has given great support to local schools and other Clubs in Gold Coast District. Wayne is a level 2 Coach and FAO.  He has assisted Gold Coast Junior Rugby League with Representative Football and is involved with the Titans Development squad as coach. His love, drive, passion & understanding of football have made him a great asset to junior rugby league as a member of the Competitions & Bi Laws Committee.

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